How Do I Make a Fishing Pole Rack?

How Do I Make a Fishing Pole Rack?
PVC piping is a material used in many projects outside the plumbing field, if you use your imagination. It's possible to make a fishing rack that holds quite a few fishing poles, with just a few pipes and connectors. It's also easy to move the rack if it's ever in the way, and it can be taken with you on vacations, by simply breaking it apart and putting it in a bag for transport. The rack serves as a way to keep fishing poles organized and protected from breakage.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 1-1/2-inch diameter PVC pipe
  • 1-1/2-inch T connectors
  • 1-1/2-inch 3-way Y connectors
  • Saw
  • Tape measure
Step 1
Cut 1-1/2-inch diameter PVC pipe into 10 pieces of 6 inches each. Cut four PVC pipe pieces 3 feet long. Cut four PVC pipe pieces 2 feet long. Use a measuring tape to figure the lengths, and a saw to make the cuts. Use sandpaper to smooth out rough edges on the cut ends.
Step 2
Attach a PVC 3-way connector to one of the 6-inch pipe pieces, and then attach a T connector to the other end. The pipes slide inside the PVC fitting. Continue attaching 6-inch pipe pieces and T connectors until you have four T connectors.

Connect one last 6-inch pipe piece on the end of the last T connector, and then put on a 3-way piece. Make sure 3 ways have one open end pointing up and the other on the ground. Make sure T connectors all point up at an angle toward the open end of the 3 way that is on the ground. Make a second line of pipes and connectors the same as the first.
Step 3
Measure the length of the pipe line that you just put together in Step 2 and cut two PVC pipes this length. They should be about 3 feet long.
Step 4
Connect the 3-foot sections to the ends of the piping lines you made. Slide them in the open ends of the 3-way connectors that are pointing up. Connect two of the 2-foot sections into the open ends of the 3-way connectors on the floor. You should now have a rectangle of piping on the floor with four pipes sticking up.
Step 5
Connect 3-way connectors to the top of the 3-foot sections. Take the pipes that you cut in Step 3, and connect them at the top to the 3 way. Connect it in the same direction as the T connector pipe lines you made at the bottom. Connect the last two of the 2-foot pipes to the other side of the 3 ways in the same direction as the 2 foot sections on the bottom.
Step 6
The end result should be a rectangle about 3-feet tall, 3-feet wide and 2-feet deep. The T connectors that are pointing up at an angle are for you to insert your fishing poles. The poles slip into the inside of the top of the rack and into a T connector.

The top of the poles will lean against the opposite top rack support from its base T connector. Poles resting on opposite sides will cross each other in the middle of the rack to lean on the pipes.

Tips & Warnings

If you want your fishing rack to be permanent, then use PVC pipe glue. Coat the inside of the T connectors and the 3 ways before inserting sections of pipe.

Article Written By Tara Dooley

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