Cod Shore Fishing Tips

Cod Shore Fishing TipsCod are sea fish that have a blunt head shape and a visible lateral line that curves upward above the pectoral fin. Although cod are found in rough waters, they are also found near shorelines. To successfully fish for cod near the shore, rig your fishing line with preferred bait and adhere to cod feeding patterns. Stay in-shore and fish for cod year-round.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Select a medium to heavy action stiff reel, preferably with a 7 1/2- to 13-foot rod. String your rod with 18- to 22-pound-test braided line or 30- to 50-pound-test monofilament line. Add a shock leader for better control when reeling large cod in through kelp and snags.
Step 2
Consider cod feeding habits. Rig your hooks with worms when fishing for smaller cod. Switch to cod, herring and mackerel chunks when fishing for larger cod. Larger cod, those weighing in at 20 lbs. or more, typically swim and feed in deeper, offshore waters. However, large and small cod, say one to 6 six lbs. apiece, also swim and feed in shallow surf, especially during a flooding tide or high tide.
Step 3
Rig your hook. Cod have large appetites so rig two or three worms onto a 4/0 to 6/0 hook---add more or less depending on the size of the hook---pushing each worm back until you pack the hook completely.
Step 4
Cast your line in-shore. Release six inches of drag from your fishing reel. Gently swing the fishing rod over your shoulder. Keep it flush with the ground at a 45-degree angle. Cast the fishing reel using a smooth action. Snap your wrist forward so it lands in the 11 o'clock position.
Step 5
Go cod fishing at night when cod swim closer to shore. Set up and drop your fishing lines in-shore near dark, muddy waters, covers and shallow water obstructions.

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