How do I Compare Fishing Lines?

How do I Compare Fishing Lines?
Angling for any size fish requires some understanding of fishing tackle. All fishing line is rated based on several factors. Anglers can choose among a variety of fishing lines---each designed to increase the potential for a strike when used in specific water conditions. Choose the most efficient and affordable fishing line for your fishing reel based on a few selection criteria.


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Step 1
Factor in what type of fishing you plan to do when purchasing line. Opt for fluorocarbon line when fishing shallow waters. Its narrow diameter makes the line virtually invisible. Choose braided line for deep water applications. Its thick construction---made from multiple fiber strands braided together---is ideal for large game fish. Stick with monofilament fishing line for general fishing applications. Its cheap price tag and durable construction makes it a standard fishing line.
Step 2
Compare by pound test. All fishing line, regardless of the type, is rated to hold a maximum amount of weight before breakage occurs. Check the spool for the pound test and determine if it is sufficient for the fish species you want to catch.
Step 3
Evaluate the quality of the line. Choose a fishing line with the lowest diameter for the pound-test range you need. Thickness increases visibility, which can lead to fewer strikes.
Step 4
Rate line features. For example, braided lines are rated for heavy action reels and treated with an anti-abrasion coating. Look for other treatments such as anti-tangle and silicone---for added buoyancy and flotation.
Step 5
Consider price as compared to yards of fishing line. Shop around and compare pricing based on how much fishing line is on each spool. For example, fluorocarbon typically costs more, but offers less length than monofilament fishing line, for instance.

Tips & Warnings

Purchase fishing line in bulk to drive down costs over the entire season.
Never store fishing line in the sun. Line breakage can occur.

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