How to Select Fish for Your Fishing Pond

How to Select Fish for Your Fishing Pond
As with any kind of ecosystem, you want your pond to shelter fish that are resilient, healthy and well-suited to the conditions they'll exist in. Reduce attacks and overcrowding by selecting fish based on important selection criteria. Select the right group and you will have a strong and lasting system you can fish from for the entire season.


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Step 1
Stock fish in relation to the amount of water that you can provide. Overpopulation of a fishing pond can lead to aggression, disease and poor water supply. As a general rule of thumb, 10 gallons of water is required for every inch of fish. So a 6-inch fish requires 60 gallons of water.
Step 2
Abide by fish behavioral classifications when selecting species. Fish are classed as community, semi-aggressive or aggressive, according to Petco, based on behavior, feeding patterns and territorialism. Avoid aggressive species for community groups.
Step 3
Consider level of adaptability to varying water conditions. Research a variety of fish species and determine your ability to match preferred water conditions. For example, some fish prefer brackish water, while others prefer fresh water.
Step 4
Visit a fish breeder, aquarium, sporting goods stores or fisherman superstore. Watch the fish in search of weakness or illness. Look for signs of lethargy as well as discoloration, dehydration and odd body shape--an enlarged abdominal section or a gaunt hollow belly. Petco suggests avoiding fish that hold their fins close to their bodies or breathe rapidly.
Step 5
Select forage fish for larger fish to feed on. Purchase from a bait shop or go net fishing for minnows. Stock regularly.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid small fish--excluding minnows--that may become prey to large fish.

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