How to Line a Fishing Pole Bait

How to Line a Fishing Pole Bait
Tying fishing line to your fishing pole and adding bait is a skill adult and young anglers alike need to learn. Knowing the correct pound test to use and how to string it to your fishing pole will ensure you have a setup that is strong enough to withstand the weight of large game fish. Bait choice is just as important as pound test. While the shape of your bait will determine how you thread it onto your hook, always string it so it stays intact during the most aggressive cast-and-retrieval patterns.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hook
  • Bait
Step 1
Find rod guides along the face of the fishing rod and string your fishing line through each until you reach the bottom rod guide. Pull your fishing line through the rod guide and pass it onto the reel spool.
Step 2
Loop the line around the spool center and turn it several rotations around the spool center. Wrap the tag around the main line three times. Pass the tag through the loops. Tighten the noose and cut excess line with line cutters.
Step 3
Spool the fishing line onto your fishing rod until the reel spool is within 1/8 or ¼ inch of capacity. Maintain tension on the line as you turn the reel handle.
Step 4
Tie on a fishing hook using a Palomar knot. To complete the knot, form a loop with the tag. Pass the loop through the eyelet. Pull it over the hook and pull it down. Wet the two ends with saliva and close the Palomar knot. Trim the end.
Step 5
Hook live bait through the tail so the fish can continue to move and thrive. Find the fleshiest base of the tail and push the hook point through to the other side. For bait chunks, pierce one end of the bait chunk with the hook point and thread it along the hook shank until it is flush with the eye of the hook. When adding any type of bait to a hook, your goal is to get the bait as securely onto the hook as possible; this is true if you are hooking the tail or the whole body.
Step 6
Thread a weighted or non-weighted lure onto your fishing line if you are not fishing with live bait. Thread your fishing line through the eye of the lure and secure it with a fishing knot. The lure is ready to fish unless you wish to add a secondary piece of bait to the hook.

Tips & Warnings

Add fishing sinkers and fishing beads as necessary depending on the fishing application you wish to perform.
Failure to properly thread fishing bait onto a fishing hook may result in permanent loss during cast-and-retrieval.

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