How to Wind Monofilament Fishing Line

How to Wind Monofilament Fishing Line
Fishing reels are designed so you can quickly and easily remove fishing line and re-spool it as needed. Whether winding monofilament fishing line onto the spool of a spinning reel (fixed spool) or baitcasting reel, change out old and damaged---i.e. fishing line that experiences frequent breaks and other abrasions---in minutes. If your line is not old or damaged, but nearing the end of your reel spool, replace it and wind new monofilament fishing line onto your reel spool using the same directions.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line clippers
Step 1
Thread the monofilament fishing line through the circular rod guides, starting at the top of the reel and continuing until you pass the line through the last rod guide situated near to the side of the reel spool and handle.
Step 2
Wrap the loose end of the monofilament fishing line to the spool center. To access the spool, lift the bail wire by hand and loop the line around the spool several turns. End with the line coming from the top of the spool, so you can grab the tag more easily.
Step 3
Secure the line with a basic fishing knot. Wrap the loose end of the line around the mainline coming from your spool three times. Pass the loose end back through the center of the loops. Slide the noose completely back until it is flush with the spool. Cut excess line with a pair of fishing line cutters.
Step 4
Pass the fishing line spool to a friend and direct him to stand about a foot in front of the spinning reel or until the line feels snug. Step back if you do not feel tension on the line; check tension by turning the reel handle several turns.
Step 5
Rotate the reel handle and wind the monofilament fishing line onto the reel spool. Stop spooling the monofilament fishing line once the line wrapped around the reel spool is within 1/8-inch of the reel spool's capacity. Take a visual measurement to determine spool capacity.

Tips & Warnings

For baitcasting reels, complete the same steps used for a spinning reel except fill the reel spool within 1/4-inch of capacity or as directed by the manufacturer. Also, when passing the monofilament fishing line onto the reel spool in Step 1, feed the line to the spool through the last reel line guide on the rod.
Never store monofilament fishing line in direct sunlight.

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