How to Tie a Hook Directly to Your Fishing Line

How to Tie a Hook Directly to Your Fishing Line
A sturdy knot is essential when tying a fishhook directly to your fishing line. It can make the difference between catching the big one or losing the big one, as well as the hook with it.

For most fishing purposes, the improved clinch knot is "Undoubtedly the most familiar and most often used knot by anglers," reports the Salmon University website. This knot's strength and ease of tying make it the angler's most useful knot to know.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Thread the fishing line through the eye at the top end of the hook. You'll need to thread about 6 inches of fishing line though the eye.
Step 2
Wrap the end of the fishing line around itself, the main part of the fishing line on the other side of the fishhook eye. The end of the fishing line should encircle the main part five to six times and look like a coil. Don't pull it tight yet.
Step 3
Thread the end of the fishing line through the first open loop at the top of the fishhook eye. This completes the clinch knot portion, but still don't pull it tight.
Step 4
Look for the loop created by the last step. Thread the end of the fishing line through that loop. This is the improved part of the clinch knot. Now pull the end of the fishing line tight to secure the knot.

Article Written By Lynn Anders

Lynn Anders has more than 15 years of professional experience working as a zookeeper, wildlife/environmental/conservation educator and in nonprofit pet rescue. Writing since 2007, her work has appeared on various websites, covering pet-related, environmental, financial and parenting topics. Anders has a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies and biology from California State University, Sacramento.

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