How do I Attach Weights to a Fishing Line?

How do I Attach Weights to a Fishing Line?
Everything from catfish to snapper can be caught while bottom fishing, and weights quickly take the bait to them. The angler has many different styles of weights or sinkers to choose from depending on the size of the bait or water conditions. Keep a good selection of weights in your tackle box and practice attaching them at home. There are four popular fishing weight methods and any of them should work for most bottom feeders.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Split shot weights
  • Rubber core sinker
  • Sliding egg sinker
  • Pyramid sinker
  • Barrel swivel
  • Pliers
  • 3-way swivel
  • Leader material
  • Hooks
Step 1
Slide fishing line into the mouth of the split shot weight. Hold the split shot in place with fingers. Gently squeeze the split shot with the pliers until the weight is firmly attached to the line.
Step 2
Place the line in the groove of the rubber core weight. Twist the rubber tabs, drawing the fishing line into the weight cavity until the weight is securely held in place. The fishing line must run the length of the groove.
Step 3
Thread fishing line through the hole in the sliding egg sinker. Attach the swivel to the main fishing line, then attach a small leader and hook on the opposite end of the swivel. Do a check to make sure the sinker can move freely up and down the line.
Step 4
Tie the fishing line to one end of a three-way swivel. Join the leader and hook to the second side of swivel. Attach a small length of fishing line to the pyramid sinker and then tie the line to the third side of swivel.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray has been writing for over 15 years. He has been published in "Florida Sportsman" magazine. He holds an FAA airframe and powerplant license and FCC radiotelephone license, and is also a licensed private pilot. He attended the University of South Florida.

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