How to Tie Ice Fishing Lures to Your Line

How to Tie Ice Fishing Lures to Your LineIce fishing lures such as spoons and jigs are effective in catching species that include crappies, bluegill, perch and others. Anglers typically do not use swivels when employing this type of lure, opting to tie the lure directly to the line on small jigging ice rods. This allows the lure to flutter down through the water more naturally, attracting fish. An ideal knot for this is the Trilene knot, which is a recommended knot for lines such as fluorocarbon. The Trilene knot will hold up well and is not as likely to slip as other types of knots.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ice fishing rod
  • Ice fishing lure
  • Line clippers
Step 1
Hold your ice-fishing lure in one hand so the eye of the lure is easily accessible. Thread your fishing line through it completely one time and then thread it back through the lure's eye for a second time.
Step 2
Pull enough of the fishing line through the lure's eye so you have plenty of line with which to work. Refrain from pulling the loops tight.
Step 3
Take the loose end of the fishing line and wrap it around the end going into the ice-fishing lure. Make six distinct wraps around the line. Avoid overlapping the separate wraps as you do this.
Step 4
Bring the loose end of your fishing line all the way through the two loops that you initially made when you threaded the line through the lure's eye twice.
Step 5
Bring the entire knot up toward your mouth and lubricate it with saliva. This makes it easier to tighten the knot and significantly lessens the chances that any abrasion from tightening the knot, which can weaken the knot and the line, will occur.
Step 6
Pull gently on both ends of the knot---the loose end that you passed through the two loops and the end going into the knot. Pull slowly until the knot tightens. Snip down the loose end of the knot with the line clippers. Leave about 1/8 of an inch sticking out of the knot. Your lure is secure on the line.

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