How to Thread a Line on an Open-Reel Fishing Pole

How to Thread a Line on an Open-Reel Fishing Pole
An open-reel fishing pole is also commonly referred to as a spinner rod-and-reel combo. Used to catch fish such as bass, trout and sunfish, open reels are easy to use, and it takes little time to equip them with fishing line. Change your fishing line once or twice a year; continuous strain placed on the line by dragging it over rocks and weeds will weaken it, increasing the chance it will break when you're fighting a fish.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Roll of monofilament fishing line
  • Small stick
  • Pair of scissors
Step 1
Insert the stick securely into the ground outside, preferably in a patch of dirt.
Step 2
Fit the roll of fishing line over the stick and slide it to the ground. The stick will hold the roll in place but also allow it to spin freely.
Step 3
Tie the end of the fishing line around the barrel of the fishing reel using a noose-based knot, such as the arbor knot (see Resources).
Step 4
Spin the handle of the fishing reel as though you were bringing in a fish. The fishing line will wrap around the barrel; continue to spin the handle until the inside of the barrel is filled with line.
Step 5
Cut away the roll of fishing line with the scissors.
Step 6
Loosen the drag on the reel so you can pull some line free from the barrel. Thread the line through the guide loops along the length of the rod.

Tips & Warnings

If you're storing or transporting your fishing pole, lightly tie the end of the fishing line at the top of the pole around the smallest guide loop to prevent the line from becoming tangled.

Article Written By Jacob Hendriks

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