How Do I Thread a Zebco Fishing Reel?

How Do I Thread a Zebco Fishing Reel?
The Zebco 202 and 404 are popular choices for children or beginning anglers The spool on the Zebco is concealed by a cover, which hides the moving parts and makes for a simple, easy-to-use reel. Like all fishing reels, the line needs to be replaced on a regular basis, since the monofilament will degrade over time and with use. It is easy to forget and overlook the fishing line since the spool is covered.


Difficulty: Easy

How Do I Thread a Zebco Fishing Reel?

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spool of monofilament
  • Nail clippers
Step 1
Unscrew the reel spool cover to gain access to the line. Press the casting button to put the reel in free-spool. Remove all the old line from the reel.
Step 2
Strip 8 to 10 feet of line from the new spool. Thread the new line through the rod guides, starting at the rod tip and working toward the reel.
Step 3
Pass the new line through the reel spool cover. Loop the new line around the spool and leave 6 inches of tag line. Attach the new line to the spool with an overhand or square knot.
Step 4
Disengage free-spool by turning the reel handle one revolution. Ensure the line rewind teeth are engaging the line.
Step 5
Screw the reel spool cover back on. Begin reeling the line and filling the spool. Remove the reel spool cover periodically to check the line level. Replace the reel spool cover when the spool is full. Snip the line with the nail clippers and tie on a hook or lure.

Tips & Warnings

Discard old line at a recycling center.
A Zebco 202 or 404 will hold about 70 yards of line.

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