How to Make Fishing Lures Out of Household Products

How to Make Fishing Lures Out of Household Products
Whether you are a conservationist who tries not to buy something that you can make from items you already have, or you want to experiment with types of lures to see what works best, there are items around the house that can be used to make lures. Something shiny such as jewelry is always a good material to use when making lures, and there are normally a few old or broken pieces in a jewelry box that may be reused.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wire
  • Beads
  • Solid metal earring piece
  • Fishing hook
  • Quick attach clip
  • Metal crimp
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire snips
  • Hammer
  • Nail
Step 1
Cut a piece of wire the length that you want the lure to be. Include about an inch extra so you have enough to attach it to the hook and clip.
Step 2
Slip the wire through the eye of the hook and bend it back on itself. Slip a crimp onto the wire and slide it down to the hook. Make sure the end piece of the wire goes into the crimp as well. Use pliers to press the metal crimp onto the wires. This will secure the end of the wire so it cannot slip out.
Step 3
Slide beads from old jewelry onto the wire to add decoration and color to the lure. This will help attract fish in the water.
Step 4
Break the post off a metal earring. Dangly earrings won't have posts. Use an earring that is solid metal and shiny. It can be flat, round, long or any other shape. Punch a hole into the earring if it does not already have one. Do this at the tip of the piece of metal. Use a hammer and small nail to punch the hole.
Step 5
Slide the earring onto the wire. This will move and sparkle in the water and attract fish. Slide the metal crimp on the wire after the earring piece.
Step 6
Slide a quick release clip onto the wire. Fold the wire over and push the end through the crimp. The quick release clip should be in the loop formed on the end of the wire. Use pliers to close the metal crimp and secure the clip.

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