How to Use Braided & Monofilament Line on a Fishing Rod

How to Use Braided & Monofilament Line on a Fishing Rod
While monofilament fishing line and braided fishing line are both rated for heavy-action reels and can accommodate both single and double-digit pound applications, braided fishing line is constructed with multiple strands of fiber braided together to create a very strong fishing line. Braided line resists breaks and abrasions better than monofilament fishing line. Monofilament fishing lines absorb more water when being worked on the bottom than braided line. Take the time to properly spool your fishing line onto your fishing reel so you can be sure your catch makes its way to your boat.


Difficulty: Easy

Monofilament Fishing Line

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line cutter
Step 1
Choose the right pound test. Monofilament fishing line is rated by the pound. Find out the average weight of common fish species, then choose the pound test you need. For example, select a 10- to 14-pound test when angling for a 14-pound striped bass.
Step 2
Tie the mainline around the spinning barrel, which is located near your reel's handle. Wind the mainline onto the spinning barrel, making adjustments as needed to keep the line evenly distributed across the barrel.
Step 3
Thread the mainline through the rod guides, which are situated along the pole. Thread the largest guide--which is closest to the handle--first. Continue until the mainline is through each guide.
Step 4
Release six to nine inches of mainline from the last guide. Let it drop toward your feet.
Step 5
Hook bait to your line and cast as usual.

Braided Line

Step 1
Choose the right test and tie the braided line to the reel arbor, which is the spool center. Loop the tag end of the braided line around the reel arbor; pass the line through the level wind or under the bail arm, if necessary, to complete the loop.
Step 2
Place a piece of electrical tape over the completed loop and fasten it to the arbor. Allow the free end to drape to the ground.
Step 3
Thread the free end of your braided line through the rod guides.
Step 4
Pull the free end of the braided line, which extends from the final guide situated at the top of your rod, to apply tension to the line. Press your thumb over the arbor and along with the taped end, restrict all spool movement as you rotate the reel hand. Continue rotating until your braided line reaches 1/8 inch of the spool rim.

Tips & Warnings

Thread your fishing line of choice through the eyelet of your hook, swivel or sinker using a fishing knot.
Never store fishing line in direct sunlight. The sun's heat may diminish the efficacy of the fishing line.

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