How to Put a Hook on a Fishing Rod

How to Put a Hook on a Fishing Rod
The Palomar knot has the reputation of being a very strong fishing knot, making it a good choice to attach hooks to fishing line. The Palomar is a simple knot, according to the website Animated Knot by Grog. With some practice, you should be able to tie it in the dark.

If you know how to make the easiest of knots, the overhand knot that you use when tying your shoes, you can master the Palomar knot and have confidence that your hook will not detach from your line in the heat of battle with a trophy fish.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod and reel
  • Line clippers
Step 1
Double up 4 inches of your line into a simple loop. When you first attempt tying the Palomar knot for the purpose of attaching fishhooks to fishing line, you may want to make this loop a bit larger until you are comfortable and adept at tying the knot. As you first learn the knot, you can double up as much as 6 inches of line.
Step 2
Pass this loop through the eye of your fishing hook. Center the hook in the middle of your loop, but allow it to dangle freely from this position.
Step 3
Take the loop, with the hook dangling from it, and tie a very loose overhand knot in it. Refrain from tightening this overhand knot. Exercise caution in an effort not to twist the line in any way.
Step 4
Grab the looped end of your fishing line that comes out of the overhand knot. Slip this looped end over the fishhook. You can use a Palomar knot on fishing swivels if you desire, then attach your hooks onto the swivel. This knot also works well with fishing lures. When tying the Palomar knot, it is vital that the loop is big enough for you to take it and clear the entire length of the hook with it.
Step 5
Pull the knot tight by slowly pulling on both ends of the line. The loose end will come out of the loop you made with your overhand knot and the other end of line that heads back up your fishing rod.

Lubricating any fishing knot with some saliva before tightening it reduces the chances of abrasion occurring during the tightening process. Abrasion could weaken the knot much more quickly than normal.

Pull both ends taut until the Palomar knot is tight. Clip the small amount of line sticking out of the tightened knot with your line clippers.

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