How do I Tie a Fishing Line to a Reel Spool?

How do I Tie a Fishing Line to a Reel Spool?
Spooling fishing line onto a reel spool is a task every angler must learn sooner or later. The most common reasons for respooling fishing line are because the spool is nearly empty and because the quality of the fishing line has diminished to such an extent that persistent line breaks have started to occur. When respooling line onto a reel spool, choose a pound-test that is rated for the fish species you want to catch.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Remove the old fishing line, cutting or pulling it off the reel spool.
Step 2
Tie the free end of the fishing line onto the reel spool. Cross the line over to create a loop. Wrap the right-hand end through the loop and then pull the loop closed to form an overhand knot.
Step 3
Pass a loop of line around the reel spool.
Step 4
Wrap the tag end around the mainline three times.
Step 5
Form a noose by threading the tag end through the center of the loose turns.
Step 6
Press the noose down so it is flush with the reel spool.

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