How Do I Wind New Line on a Fishing Reel?

How Do I Wind New Line on a Fishing Reel?
The necessity arises for anglers to change out their old and worn fishing line or to put new line on a brand-new reel. Many methods exist to accomplish this task, but one allows you to wind the line tightly with little effort and know just how much line you have on your reel. All it requires is a little open space and something immovable, such as a tree limb or a fence, to which you can tie your line.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod and reel
  • New spool of line
  • Screwdriver
  • Line clippers
Step 1
Remove the degraded line off your fishing reel. Tie the end of the line to something that will not move and walk away from it until all the line spools off the reel. This will allow you to know exactly how much line was on your reel. Cut the line from your reel's arbor with the clippers and mark the spot on the ground that corresponds to the amount of new line you want to put on the reel.
Step 2
Collect the old line by winding it around your hand and dispose of it in a secured garbage bag or at your local tackle shop's line recycling bin, if it has one. You don't want wildlife to become entangled in your old line.
Step 3
Tie the new line on the immovable object and insert a screwdriver through the line spool's center. Walk away from the object, allowing the line to unravel from the spool until you reach the point you marked on the ground. Put the spool down and cut the line using your clippers.
Step 4
Thread the new line from the top of your fishing rod down through your rod guides until you reach your reel. Attach the line to your reel with an arbor knot, being certain to first open the bail if yours is a spinning reel. Wrap the line by hand three or four times around the arbor knot so that it will not slip around when you start to reel in the new line. Close the bail.
Step 5
Pull the rod tip toward you until you create tautness on the line. Slowly begin reeling as you walk toward the object where you tied the new line. Take your time and watch the line spool onto the reel, making sure it distributes evenly over the reel as you turn the handle. Arrive at the point where you tied the line, cut it loose and tie on a swivel or a hook. Secure the swivel or hook to a rod guide. You now have new line on your fishing pole.

Tips & Warnings

If when you first cast your pole with the new line and lots of line unravels from your reel, you probably put a little too much on it. Remove the hook and cut off some line, making sure not to throw it away where wildlife may entangle in it. Tie the hook on again and continue fishing.

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