How do I Look for Fishing Egg Sinkers?

How do I Look for Fishing Egg Sinkers?
An egg sinker is an important part of any bait presentation. While you may be tempted to rig your line with the nearest egg sinker that you find, doing so could interfere with your ability to drop your line to the depth at which you want to fish. It may also be too light for all water conditions. You can shop for egg sinkers locally and online.


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Step 1
Select sinkers based on fish species and water depth. Top-water and subsurface fishing applications require significantly different fishing sinkers, so determine which fish species you want to catch and the depth at which you will fish. For example, choose a ½-ounce egg sinker when angling for catfish and other bottom-dwellers.
Step 2
Choose an egg sinker by factoring in saltwater and freshwater conditions. Saltwater and freshwater egg sinkers are available at local bait shops, fishing tackle stores, sporting goods outlets and large fishermen superstores. Rig a saltwater egg sinker when angling saltwater seas and freshwater egg sinkers when fishing freshwater lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.
Step 3
Shop from an outdoor sporting supplies catalog or visit an online supplier's website for additional options. Compare sinkers by size and proportion, and review online consumer ratings and reviews when available.
Step 4
Browse egg sinker inventor by manufacturer. Large fishing tackle manufacturers feature online and local stores across the U.S. Most large fishing tackle manufacturers ship orders from a master warehouse and provide product descriptions for all tackle. Contact the manufacturer for shipping costs.

Tips & Warnings

Separate egg sinkers into groups, based on size, for better organization throughout the season.
Dry your egg sinkers with a cloth before storing them in a closed tackle box to avoid rust.

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