How to String a Fly Fishing Rod

How to String a Fly Fishing Rod
Fly fishing has been around since Roman times. Employing artificial lures or flies, no live or dead bait is used. Fly fishing utilizes equipment that's different from common fishing equipment, and therefore it requires a different technique. Where standard fishing uses the weight of a lure or sinker to cast, fly fishing uses the weight of its oversized line to cast. This type of angling is popular around the world, and it's used in fresh or saltwater applications to catch both cold- and warm-water fish. Before attempting your first cast, however, you need to learn how to properly string a line.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Prewind your line on the fly reel and include the leader and yarn fly. Attach the reel to the rod by inserting the foot of the reel into the heel seat of the rod handle. Search for a small indention between the bottom of the handle and the rod and slide the foot into the indention.
Step 2
Secure the reel to the back of the heel seat by sliding the indented ring onto the rear foot of the reel. Lock the reel in position by screwing the top locking ring until secure against the indented ring. Lock the top ring in position by screwing the bottom locking ring until it is snug against the bottom of the top locking ring.
Step 3
Hold the rod in one hand while grabbing the line where it meets the leader in the other hand. Draw string from the reel by extending your arms fully to each side. Repeat this step until three equal lengths have been drawn from the reel.
Step 4
Place the reel in a protected position, such as on top of a towel or in a truck bed. This is to protect the reel from debris that may disrupt the reel mechanism.
Step 5
Take the top two feet of line and fold it back, creating a loop at the top. Draw this loop through the rod guides. Note that if the line is dropped, the looped end will hold the line in position so you don't have to start over.
Step 6
Draw the loop through the final, top guide. Place your index finger on top of the last guide so it is resting inside the loop. Continue pulling the loop until the leader appears. Pull the side of the loop with leader until the folded line clears the top guide.

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