How to Pour Your Own Fishing Sinkers

How to Pour Your Own Fishing Sinkers
Fishermen who prefer crafting their own lures might also try making their own lead sinkers. Used to keep the line and lures down in the water, sinkers are not difficult to make, but the process does require some precautions. By making your own sinkers, you can adjust the weight to your specific needs and keep broken sinkers from going to waste.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sinker molds
  • Lead
  • Camp stove
  • Metal can
  • Safety glasses
  • Mask
  • Gloves
Step 1
Set up the stove outside. This will prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes that form when lead is heated. Wear a mask, even though you are outside, for added safety, and wear eye protection as well.
Step 2
Remove the label from your can and wash it thoroughly. Take some pliers and bend the open end of the can in one location to create a place to pour the lead.
Step 3
Put the lead in the can to heat. Put a little bit more lead in than you need for the size molds you are using, so that if you spill any, you will still have enough.
Step 4
Turn the stove on and heat the lead. You might need to stir it to break up a coating that sometimes forms over lead. This coating can keep the lead together even though it has melted.
Step 5
Pour the lead into the molds once it has melted. Wear gloves while doing this so the lead doesn't burn you. The lead should set back up fairly quickly, and be cool enough to handle with an hour.

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