How to Attach a Fishing Line to a Rod

How to Attach a Fishing Line to a Rod
When fishing deep waters and casting your line low to the bottom, it is especially important to pack enough fishing line in your tackle box to tie new line to your reel spool as needed. Rigging a fishing rod with new fishing line is a relatively easy task and in most cases, is only needed after multiple casts or if visible line damage--general wear and tear as well as repeated breakage--has occurred.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Remove the old fishing line, if necessary, and recycle it at a local fishing line recycling center.
Step 2
Pass the tag end of the fishing line through the rod guides, which are small eyelets that increase in size starting from the bottom of the rod near the handle, to the top near the apex of the fishing rod.
Step 3
Tie the tag end of the line on the reel spool. Swathe a loop of line around the reel spool, wrapping the tag end around the mainline three consecutive times. Craft a noose by pulling the tag end through the coils you just formed. Press the noose against the reel spool to secure the line.
Step 4
Turn the reel's handle until the test line fills the spool to about 1/8 inch of the rim.

Tips & Warnings

Keep fishing line out of direct sunlight.
Never rig fishing line to a rod that is not rated for the fishing species you want to catch; the line might break during the cast-and-retrieval process.

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