Offshore Step-by-Step Fishing Knots

Offshore Step-by-Step Fishing Knots
The further off-shore you fish and the deeper you drop your line to the bottom, the higher your potential is for a large game catch. Many game fish are either bottom dwellers or prefer to swim low depths in open water. When rigging a heavy-action set-up, tie on hooks, lures and swivels using an off-shore fishing knot strong enough to stand up against tugging and pulling from large game fish.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Improved Clinch Knot

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing reel
  • Fishing hooks
  • Fishing bait
Step 1
Thread the mainline through the eyelet of the hook. Double-back and wrap the free end of the mainline around the standing line, say five or six times. Press the coils close together after you finish the last turn.
Step 2
Pass the free end of the line through the first loop---which is opposite the hook eyelet and then pull it back through the larger loop that formed when you passed the line through the first loop.
Step 3
Wet the tag end of the line with saliva or a damp cloth and pull the knot closed. Press the coils tightly together for a strong, snug knot.
Step 4
Cut excess line using fishing line cutters.

Palomar Knot

Step 1
Thread the tag end of the fishing line through the eyelet of the hook, which is located at the end of the hook shaft.
Step 2
Double-back and pull the tag end back through the eyelet to form a loop on one side of the hook.
Step 3
Thread the two pieces of line extending from the other side of the hook back through the eyelet.
Step 4
Tie an overhand knot using the loop and the two lines, but instead of closing the knot, leave the loop open.
Step 5
Push the hook through the loop. Close the knot and cut away excess line.

Tips & Warnings

Fishing line cutters are available at fishing tackle stores.
Keep your fishing line taut to avoid tangles along the line.

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