How do I Compare the Quality of Braided Fishing Lines?

How do I Compare the Quality of Braided Fishing Lines?
High-quality braided fishing line is designed to hold up longer under water, experience less line damage and withstand the weight of large game fish. Use a simple litmus test to determine if your braided fishing line stands up against competitor brands proclaiming to offer "higher quality." The elimination process is simple, and should be repeated each time a new braided fishing line brand is purchased. Doing so could save you from rigging your fishing line with a low-quality braided line that could snap under the weight of a large fish or fail to offer the durability needed during cast-and-retrieval.


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Step 1
Take color options into consideration. Different color lines work better in different water conditions; for example, murky water versus clear open water. Choose a braided fishing line brand that offers a variety of color options. That will allow you to adapt to your water source as needed.
Step 2
Compare how many strands of spectra material are built into the braided line. Four or more indicates a higher quality line with a greater flexibility. Discard inferior lines immediately to avoid damage---such as general wear and tear---to the guides along the length of your fishing rod.
Step 3
Compare line strength, also known as "pound test" strength, in relation to the width of the braided line. A braided line with a low diameter and high-pound test indicates a high-quality braided line.
Step 4
Check the coating or anti-breakage treatment. Gently scratch the coating with your fingernail to test the durability of the coat, which is designed to resist wear and tear during the cast-and-retrieval process. A tougher coating will prevent damage, especially when dragged along a rocky bottom. Make the level of abrasion resistance your selection criteria.

Tips & Warnings

Store your braided fishing line in a tackle box.
Overexposure to sun and water can weaken braided fishing line.

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