How Do I Put String on a Fishing Pole?

How Do I Put String on a Fishing Pole?
Fishing line needs to be replaced after continuous use as its structure is often compromised by contact with rocks and stress from fighting fish. Fishing poles and reels are restrung differently based on the model. Each rod also requires a different weight test fishing line. The spinning rod and spinner reel combination are a common setup that anglers will possess.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Roll of monofilament fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Wooden dowel or stick
Step 1
Place the wooden dowel firmly into a patch of dirt so it is pointing vertically out of the ground.
Step 2
Slide the roll of fishing line over the wooden dowel. This will prevent the reel from rolling away while allowing it to spin freely.
Step 3
Fasten the free end of the fishing line onto the barrel of the reel with an arbor knot. The knot can be positioned anywhere along the barrel.
Step 4
Rotate the handle of the reel to spool the thread from the roll of fishing line onto the barrel. Keep spinning the handle until the line is flush with the edge of the barrel; you should not need the entire roll of fishing line to accomplish this. Keep the line taut or guide it with your hands to prevent it from becoming entangled and ensuring that it does not become bunched on the barrel.
Step 5
Cut the fishing line away from the roll.
Step 6
Unwind enough line to reach the end of the fishing rod with at least one foot excess. Feed the line along the pole through the guide loops. Loosely tie the extra line around the last loop for storage and transportation.

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