How to Find Glass Floats for Fishing

How to Find Glass Floats for Fishing
Glass floats--which were originally used by Japanese anglers to keep their nets afloat--are widely collected and sold, especially along the Pacific Northwest coastal region. A glass treasure that can be strung on a thread and exhibited in your home for decoration or used as a marker for fishing nets, glass floats offer a combination of art and nautical design. Anglers in search of glass floats have several options. But when searching for glass floats, a slow-but-steady approach is best.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Anemometer
  • Collecting bag for glass floats
Step 1
Target the Pacific Northwest region. Visit the beaches of Alaska, Oregon and Washington and search the sands. Walk close to and away from the shoreline; it's possible to uncover glass floats at any spot along the beach. As the tide rises, glass floats may be driven back, away from the shoreline.
Step 2
Allow two high tide cycles to pass. Test wind speed using an anemometer---see Resources for instructions on how to make your own. Winds must be 15 miles per hour or stronger.
Step 3
Start your search once strong winds, approaching from the west, and high tides are visible. Wait for strong wind activity, from any westerly direction, coupled with high tides to increase your potential for a glass float spotting.
Step 4
Check piles of debris and kick up obstructions that appear along the sand.
Step 5
Pursue other options if searching for glass floats is not possible. Contact a local seaside gift shop and inquire about vintage or newly found glass floats that are for sale. Replicas are also available. These products are reproductions that offer similar size, color and shape.
Step 6
Check websites that specialize in nautical inventory. Browse glass floats by size, color and shape and confirm the discovery date and location, if necessary. Knowing this information will allow you to record the date and place of the find for your records, which may also come in handy should you decide to sell the glass float in the future.

Tips & Warnings

Register your glass float to receive a certificate of authenticity. Registration may vary, so contact the Visitor and Convention Bureau in your city.
This task may require hours of searching.

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