How to Stabilize a Canoe While Fishing

How to Stabilize a Canoe While Fishing
When fishing in a canoe, it is necessary to constantly stabilize the boat to prevent a fall or slip. Utilizing a few simple stabilizing techniques, you can learn how to safely stand while fishing in your canoe, all the while maintaining control of the boat. These techniques are important to know for your own safety while out on the water. Lack of stability in a canoe can cause the boat to overturn, or worse, to capsize.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Paddle
Step 1
Stand to fish. Bend your knees and grab both sides of the seats for balance. Spread your legs, so they extend across the width of the canoe beam. Place the foot that is opposite the paddle 1 to 2 inches forward. Maintain a wide stance with both feet turned in slightly.
Step 2
Position the leg nearest to your paddle backward until it touches the canoe seat. This will increase your equilibrium within the boat and stabilize your body, and it is essential if currents start to agitate the boat.
Step 3
Paddle properly to prevent wobbling. Lower the paddle in and out of the water on either side of the canoe, keeping it close to the side of the boat. Paddling properly will provide greater control of the canoe. This technique is true for paddling while standing or sitting.
Step 4
Scull back and forth until you reach your fishing hole. As the paddle sculls back and forth in the water, the boat will stabilize even more.
Step 5
Anchor the canoe. Purchase an anchor or craft one using a canvas, nylon or plastic bag filled with rocks. Tie a rope to the bag and slowly drop the anchor over either side of the hull. Even though the canoe is anchored, it is still important to keep your legs extended out across the width of the boat.

Tips & Warnings

Install rod hooks to organize your canoe and minimize movement as you change reels.
A fall is always possible whenever fishing in a canoe, so wear a life vest and take other safety precautions.

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