How to Vent RV Toilets

How to Vent RV Toilets
RV toilets do not give off an odor under most conditions, but if gas builds up in the holding tanks, it can back up into the commode. This typically happens when the vent pipe running to the roof of the camper gets blocked or is not letting air out. Venting the toilet system of the camper means that you need to unclog the vent pipe or fix the issue that is preventing the air from flowing in the proper direction.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Drill
  • Toilet cable snake
  • Ventilation pipe assistant
Step 1
Climb up on the roof and inspect the vent to make sure there isn't a cap on it. Some RVs when put into storage are sealed up to keep weather, bugs and animals out. Remove the cap to vent.
Step 2
Get a drill and insert a toilet cable snake on the end. Insert the snake in the opening of the pipe. Turn on the drill to operate the snake and vent out the pipe. Run the snake down the pipe as it is operated.
Step 3
Attach a ventilation assistant to the vent pipe to combat the affects of wind blowing over the pipe. Wind sometimes forces air down the pipe instead of out, causing the odor to back up into the toilet. There are devices on the market that counter this air flow and aid in pulling air out of the vent. The vent assistant slips down over the vent pipe.

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