How to Turn Ice Fishing Bait Spikes Red

How to Turn Ice Fishing Bait Spikes RedOne of the most effective ways of inciting a strike is through the use of colorful or bright bait. Because spikes (small larvae used for bait when ice fishing) have a neutral color, it is best to change them to red so large game fish can spot them more quickly under the ice. Spikes are a unique type of bait in that they must be kept cold to impede growth and maturation. You can change the neutral brown color of your spikes to a vibrant red using a paint specifically designed to do just that.


Difficulty: Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • 1 plastic bait tub filled with bait spikes
  • 1 plastic bait tub
  • 1 bottle of red bait paint
  • Gloves
Step 1
Check that the bait spikes are alive. This will ensure longer retention of color.
Step 2
Wet the bait spikes with several drops of red bait paint. You can buy this from a local fly-fishing store, fisherman superstore or online retailer.
Step 3
Gaggle the plastic bait tub to distribute the red paint evenly among the bait spikes. A few shakes are all you need.
Step 4
Relocate the red bait spikes back to your main bait tube immediately. Overexposure to the red paint can cause the spikes stress--which could ultimately result in death.

Tips & Warnings

Store your spikes at temperatures below 44 degrees F--higher temperatures will cause them to mature into flies.
Wear gloves when handling paint to avoid staining your hands.

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