Making Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

Making Ice Fishing Tip-Ups
An ice fishing tie-up is used to signal to fishermen when a fish is on the line. Make a fishing tie-up using two sticks or wooden dowels and a cloth made into a flag. Once the tie-up is in place over your fishing hole, its distinct shape and construction will ensure that it falls into place to signal a strike. Craft a fishing tie-up for each hole you will be fishing.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 1/4-inch dowel, 22 inches long
  • 3/4-inch dowel, 22 inches long
  • Fishing line
  • Strips of colorful cloth
Step 1
Fasten the two dowels so they form a cross. Line up the center point of the ¾-inch dowel with the center point of the ¼-inch dowel; the point of contact should be at approximately 4 inches from the base.
Step 2
Bind the dowels using fishing line--test strength does not matter as long as you have enough length to adequately bind the two pieces together. Grip the two dowels at the point of contact and wrap the fishing line around both dowels until the cross is firmly held together. Tie a fishing knot to secure the fishing line.
Step 3
Fasten the tag end of a strip of cloth to the long end of the 1/4-inch dowel using a new piece of fishing line.
Step 4
Tie the fishing line to the short end of the 1/4-inch dowel using a fishing knot.
Step 5
Test the fishing line. Give the fishing line a slight pull to ensure the dowel tips up and engages the flag.

Tips & Warnings

Use a colorful or bright strip of cloth to catch your attention more easily.
Choose from a variety of fishing knots.

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