Michigan Walleye Fishing Tips

Michigan Walleye Fishing Tips
Walleye is characterized for its prominent teeth, large eyes and white, flaky flesh. Find walleye wherever small forage fish are swimming or target seasonal habitats--which alternative with the rising and setting of the sun--to increase the potential for superior strikes. Walleye spawn in the spring and migrate frequently to a variety of top, intermediate and bottom depths. When fishing for walleye in Michigan, choose your bait according to the season and time of day.


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Step 1
Choose waters such as Lake Erie, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, where walleye populations are high, according to the All About Fishing website.
Step 2
Consider seasonal changes before rigging your line. Rig your line with plastic worms and small jigs when fishing shallow to moderate depth waters during the spring season. Walleye spawn in the spring, migrating to protected areas along the bottom to recuperate and feed.
Step 3
Rig your line with crankbaits and plastic worms for superior summertime strikes. Fish the early working shallow waters in the morning and then pack up your tackle and move to deeper waters as the sun rises.

Drop your line near rocky or gravel obstructions near the bottom and let walleye find your bait. Choose a crankbait that will drop into the 15- to 20-foot range, according to the article "Summer Surprise Walleyes" on the "Fish and Game" magazine website.
Step 4
Fish crankbaits in the mornings and evenings. Work shallow to moderate depths and pay attention to the sun throughout the fall season. As the sun rises, move toward deep structures along the bottom using small spoons or jigs.
Step 5
Rig your line with plastic worms and stay close to moderately shallow depths in the mornings. Head out to deep open water as the sun rises. Slow your cast-and-retrieval pattern during the winter season to compensate for the slower walleye that are less active in low temperatures. Drop your line as deep as possible and target structures along the bottom where walleye can hide.

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