How to Use Silicone Spray on a Fishing Line

How to Use Silicone Spray on a Fishing Line
When angling for fish, the condition of your fishing line is important in terms of how quickly it runs through the line guides during retrieval and how well it functions under water. Silicone lubricant sprays offer an effective way to improve your line buoyancy and strength, which make cast-and-retrieval patterns easy to execute. Formulas are designed for monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines as well as fly lines and will generally hold up all day, depending on the brand and formula.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cloth
Step 1
Wet the center of the cloth with a generous amount of silicone spray.
Step 2
Release as much line as you want to coat with silicone spray. Lay the fishing rod on a flat surface once the line is released to make the application process easier.
Step 3
Apply the silicone spray that is on the cloth onto the fishing line starting at the line exiting the last rod guide at the top of the rod. Spread it along the line moving in a straight direction along the line. Alternatively, spray the silicone spray directly onto the fishing line, if directed by the manufacturer.

Tips & Warnings

Silicone spray is colorless, odorless and non-staining. It creates a film that lubricates and protects your fishing line. It dries in seconds and will not stick.
You can also use silicone spray on your fishing rod.
Find an appropriate location in which to spray the silicone spray on the fishing line such as outdoors, away from trees and overhead power wires, which may incur damage from the silicone spray.
Child anglers should not handle silicone spray unless under the supervision of an adult angler.
See a doctor if the silicone spray is accidentally sprayed into the eyes or mouth.
Silicone spray washes off in a couple of cast.

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