How to Construct a Night Fishing Light

How to Construct a Night Fishing Light
If you want to try night fishing, a fishing light can help attract fish to the area where you are casting your line. A fishing light works by pulling in small fish to the glow of the light like a moth to a flame. Once the smaller fish are in the area, larger fish start to show up to snack. Some manufacturers claim that green lights are more effective; try various colors to see which color the fish at your fishing hole prefer.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Glow sticks
  • Fishing rod and line
  • Tape
  • Fishing weight
Step 1
Purchase several snap glow lights in various colors.
Step 2
Prepare a fishing rod with fishing line. Use a rod that you do not need for fishing.
Step 3
Snap the lights and shake them up to get them to glow. Tape the bundle of lights together around the middle. Make sure the ends are even.
Step 4
Thread the fishing line through the holes in the tops of the glow sticks and tie the line in a knot. A simple square knot will suffice.
Step 5
Attach several weights to the line near the glow sticks to help them sink down into the water. Cast the light out where you want to fish. If you want to keep them from sinking to the bottom, or only want them to sink to a certain depth, tie a floater onto the line where you want the light to stop.

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