How to Choose Fishing Line Color

How to Choose Fishing Line Color
Fishing lines come in almost every color, from clear to brown to fluorescent orange. The fishing line color to choose depends on the fishing conditions and whether you want, or need, to see your fishing line. In the end, experimentation is best. Fill your tackle box with a variety of line colors so that you have several choices available to complement water conditions and improve your fishing.


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Step 1
Choose a dark-colored line for any water conditions if you will be sinking your line and want to hide it. Dark lines can be difficult for fish to see underwater, but you may have trouble seeing the line, too.
Step 2
Use a bright-colored line if you need to see your line. With bright lines you can see the line whether you are sinking or floating. However, the fish also may see the line.
Step 3
Use a clear line to allow you to see your line and prevent the fish from seeing it. This works best when floating the line or when fishing in clear water and good lighting. In dark waters, clear lines can still be difficult for anglers to see.
Step 4
Select a camouflaged color to prevent the fish from noticing the line. If the water is green or brown, your best bet at keeping fish unaware of the line is to use a line color that matches the water color.

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