How to Install Choke Tubes on a Mossberg 500

How to Install Choke Tubes on a Mossberg 500
Shotgun choke tubes determine the pattern size of shotgun shell pellets. By using different levels of constriction, the choke tube can make the shotgun disperse pellets in a large or small group. This is useful when in the field hunting. The hunter can customize the pattern for whatever conditions that may be encountered by changing the choke tube. Instead of bringing different shotguns, the hunter can hunt ducks in the morning and then with a quick choke-tube change, pursue doves in the evening.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Install Choke Tubes on a Mossberg 500

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mossberg shotgun owner's manual
  • Choke-tube wrench
  • Choke tube
  • Firearm cleaning materials
Step 1
Check to make sure the shotgun is unloaded before attempting to install choke tubes. Follow the safety warnings in the owner's manual. Never assume a firearm is unloaded.
Step 2
Remove the old choke tube by inserting the choke-tube wrench into the muzzle of the barrel. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the choke tube is loose. Spin the choke tube with your fingers until the tube is free from the barrel.
Step 3
Insert the new choke tube into the barrel's muzzle. Turn the tube clockwise with your fingers. Spin the tube slowly until some resistance is felt. Use the choke-tube wrench to tighten the tube snugly.
Step 4
Inspect the choke tube on a regular basis to ensure the tube is still tight in the barrel. Keep the threads on the tube and in the muzzle clean and lubricated. Store spare choke tubes in a plastic case to protect the threads.

Tips & Warnings

Use an aerosol degreaser for cleaning choke-tube threads.
Always assume every firearm is loaded. Consult Mossberg's owner manual for safety rules when handling a firearm.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

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