How to Take Kids Fishing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How to Take Kids Fishing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Angling for fish in Philadelphia can be a rewarding experience for children and adults alike. Fisheries in the Pennsylvania city are available for children with disabilities as well as families. Options allow adults to fish, not fish or restrict participation to assisting children with general fishing techniques. You and your kids can fish local streams and lakes in Philadelphia for trout, musky, walleye and panfish throughout the year. 


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing license
  • Child-friendly hooks, lightweight sinkers and slip bobbers
  • GPS device, fishing map or county guide
Step 1
Obtain valid licensing. Online, in-person and mail applications are accepted, and charges will apply. According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, "An adult who assists a child by casting or retrieving a fishing line or fishing rod is not required to possess a valid fishing license." Keep your child within arms' reach to comply with this rule.
Step 2
Obtain a fishing license for adults who are actively fishing as well as for children 16 years and older who will be fishing without the assistance of an adult. This includes baiting hooks, cutting fish from the line or rigging the fishing rod for use.
Step 3
Pack fishing equipment for the whole family. Purchase fishing tackle specifically designed for kids, which is smaller and easier to handle than standard recreational fishing equipment designed for adult anglers. Purchase child-friendly hooks, lightweight sinkers and slip bobbers, which work exceptionally well for kids. Pack adult and kid fishing poles and reels with the appropriate test for each.
Step 4
Pack the family tackle box with a variety of baits. Common baits include lures, worms, minnows, fish chunks and chub. Temper the fears of a weary kid with artificial lures that are easier to handle, less intimidating and less slimy. Kids who are inexperienced in handling live bait may show resistance in threading a live worm through a hook point.
Step 5
Find your fishing spot using a GPS device, fishing map, county guide or go to websites like Choose a local Philadelphia park where fishing is permitted if you have smaller children who will not be fishing. Some of the best places to fish with kids in Philadelphia include John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Fairmount Park, and Wissahickon Valley Park.
Step 6
Visit a Philadelphia water source that is specifically available for children 12 years of age or younger with a physical or mental impairment. Check the year-round calendar to plan your child's next fishing trip.

Tips & Warnings

Purchase fishing tackle and bait from local bait shops in Philadelphia.
All adult anglers who will be actively fishing in Philadelphia must obtain a fishing license.

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