How to Cast a Fishing Line

How to Cast a Fishing Line
One of the most problematic aspects for the newcomer to fishing is how to cast his line in a safe and controlled manner. The spinning reel is the piece of equipment that makes the most sense for the new recreational angler. Casting accurately is possible for someone new to the sport with the right technique and plenty of practice.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spinning rod and reel
Step 1
Hold your fishing pole with your thumb on the top of the handle of the rod and four fingers on its lower side, where the spinning reel sits. Your thumb will be pointing up the fishing rod. Position the rod in your hand so three fingers grip the rod below the point where the reel arm and "foot" attach to the pole. Position your index finger above that point. You will employ this grip as you cast your fishing line.
Step 2
Reel in the line so you have from 6 inches to 18 inches of line dangling from the top of the pole. Visually check the top of your fishing pole to ensure the line is hanging down straight through the rod guides and not tangled in any manner. Look around and behind you to ensure no one is your way as you cast.
Step 3
Hold the line that comes out of the reel with the crook of the index finger on the hand with which you hold the rod. Flip the thin wire bail on your spinning reel back so it remains open with your other hand. Bring the bail back until it clicks into and stays in the open position.
Step 4
Slide the line along your index finger until the very top of the finger barely holds the line. Choose a target at which to present your bait and bring the fishing rod back over your shoulder slowly. Bring the rod back with the same motion you would use to throw a football. You can bring the rod back directly overhand or to a three-quarters position.
Step 5
Bring the rod forward toward your target area with the same easy football throwing motion. Avoid jerking the rod forward violently, as you do not need to cast your fishing line for distance.
Step 6
Release the line coming off the reel from your index finger just as the tip of the rod seems to be halfway to your target area. Refrain from releasing the line too quickly or the lure or bait will go straight upward; release it too late and it will slam into the spot right in front of you.

Practice casting in a grassy field or in an open area of water to acquire the necessary timing. This will let you know exactly when to release the line so it travels to your target spot.

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