How to Properly Anchor a Fishing Boat

How to Properly Anchor a Fishing Boat
Properly anchoring a boat is essential for several reasons. Firsts, you must know how to anchor a boat in severe weather conditions so it does not drift into another vessel or turn over during a high tide. Sleeping overnight in a boat also requires the use of an anchor. By anchoring a boat, you guarantee that it will remain at the anchoring point, safe from danger of collision.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rope
Step 1
Check equipment. See that you have at least two anchors--a lightweight anchor for low currents and a heavy anchor for choppy currents.
Step 2
Check that you have the right size anchor and proper length of rope--which, as a general rule of thumb, should be anywhere from 5 to 7 feet per foot of depth at the point of anchoring.
Step 3
Lower the anchor from the bow or stern of the boat. Maintain a solid grip as you lower the anchor to the bottom---you will feel the impact on the line, so pay attention.
Step 4
Drive your boat several feet forward to set the anchor. Adjust the line as needed to accommodate the position of the anchor. Alternatively, drift along until the anchor sets along the bottom.
Step 5
Unseat the anchor when ready. Drive your boat to the exact point above the anchor. Lift the line from the water and then begin pulling the anchor from the bottom. Alternatively, drive ahead a couple yards and run the boat in several circles to unseat the anchor. Retrieve the anchor from the bottom by slowly pulling it from the water.

Tips & Warnings

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding which anchor to select.
It is not advisable to just toss an anchor over a boat. The weight of the anchor could pull the thrower under the water.

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