How do I Make Portable Fishing Lights?

How do I Make Portable Fishing Lights?
Portable fishing lights are used to attract fish in deep dark waters or while night fishing. The light attracts small fish, similar to bugs to a light bulb. When this happens, larger fish start to come around, seeing the small fish as a waiting meal. A green light is best at drawing in the fish as it penetrates deeper water, according to Fishing Lights Etc. Using a light allows you to save time searching for the fish. You can purchase a light for this purpose, or you can make one with each to find materials.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sand
  • Zipper-top bag
  • Jar with lid
  • Snap light
  • Fishing line
  • Rod and reel
Step 1
Clean out a canning jar and put the lid on it. Dunk the jar in water and watch for bubbles. Pull the jar back out of the water and inspect it for leaks.
Step 2
Fill a zipper-top bag with sand and insert it into the jar. This will take up air space and add weight to the jar to help it sink into the water.
Step 3
Tie fishing line around the mouth of the jar. Use line from an old rod and reel that you are not using for fishing.
Step 4
Insert a snap light into the jar whenever you want a light. Snap the light and shake it up so that it will glow and place it in the jar. Put the lid on the jar. Use the fishing rod to cast the light into the area you want to fish.

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