DIY: PVC Fishing Rod Case

DIY: PVC Fishing Rod Case
When traveling with fishing rods, it is best to place them in storage cases to prevent damage. The harder the rod case, the better the rod is protected. PVC piping is a good material for making storage cases due to its durability. It is also fairly inexpensive and easy to work with. You can make several rod cases in an hour or so with PVC, and protect your gear for years to come.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 2 inch (or more) diameter PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe cap
  • PVC female adapter
  • PVC plug that fits adapter
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • PVC pipe glue
Step 1
Measure the the fishing rod so you know the length of PVC pipe you need. If the rod comes apart, then it is best to store it that way. Take it apart and measure the longest of the two pieces.
Step 2
Measure from the rod out to the edge of the biggest line guide. This will give you the diameter of the pipe needed. In most cases 2 inches is plenty. Purchase the PVC pipe in a length close to what you need. Purchase a PVC cap that fits the piping as well as a female adapter, and threaded plug.
Step 3
Measure the pipe and mark the length you need based on the measurement of the fishing rod. Add a little bit to the measurement, such as 1/2 inch, to make sure the rod will fit and that the ends fit securely.
Step 4
Cut the PVC pipe with a circular saw or hand saw. Sand the ends to smooth out any rough spots after the pipe is cut.
Step 5
Glue one cap on to the end of the pipe. Glue the adapter onto the other end so you can screw on the plug. Slip the fishing rod in the new PVC rod case and screw on the end.

Article Written By Tara Dooley

Tara Dooley has written for various websites since 2008. She has worked as an accountant, after-school director and retail manager in various locations. Dooley holds a Bachelor of Science in business management and finance.

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