How do I Rig Cigar Weights for Fishing?

How do I Rig Cigar Weights for Fishing?
Line rigged with a cigar weight is the approach to use when fishing along a sandy bottom where subsurface fish swim and hide behind rocks, waiting for smaller or wounded fish to strike. A cigar-weight rig is also ideal for fast or rough current and is very effective when trolling, which is the most common fishing application for this setup.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Crimping pliers
  • Fishing beads
  • 12-pound-test fishing line
Step 1
Attach a lead swivel to your line using a clinch knot: Pass the tag end of your test line through the eyelet of the lead swivel--which is located on either end--and pull it back to form a loop. Wrap the test line around the standing line five or six turns. Pull the test line back through the loop and then tuck it under the last turn. Cut the excess line with a knife or a line cutter.
Step 2
Create a crimp--or indentation--on your test line about 2 inches below the clinch knot tied in Step 1. Crimping pliers are available at tackle stores and are easy to use. Squeeze the crimper handles until a crimp appears on your test line.
Step 3
Thread on a plastic fishing bead--which is used to attract fish--followed by a cigar weight and another bead.

Tips & Warnings

Cigar weights are available in select sizes, including 16, 32 and 48 ounces.
Dry cigar weights after use to prevent rust.

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