How to Make a Kayak Paddle Lanyard

How to Make a Kayak Paddle Lanyard
A paddle set on the surface of the water while you do something else, like taking a picture or opening your day hatch, can quickly drift away. Keep your paddle close by making a kayak paddle lanyard, often called a paddle leash, to attach your paddle to your kayak.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 3/16 inch bungee cord, 4 feet
  • 2 plastic tie balls
  • 3/16-inch cordage, 6 inches
Step 1
Cut 4 feet of 3/16-inch bungee cord.
Step 2
Slide a plastic tie ball onto each end of the bungee. Tie an overhand knot at each end to prevent the balls from sliding off the bungee cord. Pull the tie balls over the knots.
Step 3
Tie a 1-inch loop into one end of the bungee cord a few inches away from the end of the rope and the tie ball. Vary the length of the working end of the knot, so when you wrap the loop around your paddle's shaft and insert the tie ball into the loop it provides a snug fit.
Step 4
Tie a short length of brightly colored 3/16-inch cordage to the loop. If you need to release the paddle shaft from the lanyard, pulling on the cordage releases it.
Step 5
Slide the other tie ball under your deck webbing. The ball is large enough that it won't easily slide out from the bungee, but it will come out with a strong tug.

Article Written By Bryan Hansel

Bryan Hansel is a freelance photographer and kayaking guide who began writing in 1993. His outdoors articles appear on various websites. Hansel holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and religion from the University of Iowa.

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