How do I get a Florida Land-Based Fishing License?

How do I get a Florida Land-Based Fishing License?
Florida residents who are military personnel, over 65 years of age, under age 16 or disabled can fish without a license under most circumstances. However, the majority of residents, and those from out of state, are required to obtain a license for freshwater fishing. Getting a license to fish within Florida is a simple process that can be done online or in person.


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Step 1
Take your drivers license to a retail store that sells licenses. Super stores with outdoor departments typically sell licenses from the outdoor department. You will need your license for identification to prove where you live. Florida residents pay a lesser fee for the license than out-of-state individuals. Residents are defined as someone that has lived in the state for six months.
Step 2
Fill out the application with your information and select the time length you want for the license. You are allowed to purchase an annual or five-year license if you are a resident. Nonresidents can purchase an annual, three-day or seven-day license.
Step 3
Pay the license fee. For example, the annual license cost for residents is $17 and for nonresidents it is $47 (as of 2010). You will receive a license from the retailer.
Step 4
Go online to the Florida Fish and Wildlife website and apply for the application. The license will be mailed to you. You can print out proof of purchase to keep it on your person until the actual license comes in the mail.

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