How to Hook Frozen Shrimp in Fishing

How to Hook Frozen Shrimp in Fishing
Frozen shrimp are available at local bait shops and are an effective bait choice when fishing for angelfish and stingrays. As with any type of frozen bait, when fishing with frozen shrimp, you must pay attention to the condition of the body. A frozen shrimp is only usable if the body is in good condition--meaning it is free of bruises and discoloration. Bait your hook with frozen shrimp using a simple threading technique.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Knife
Step 1
Store your supply of frozen shrimp inside a cooler packed with ice until you are ready to hook your bait.
Step 2
Remove the head, feet and tail of the frozen shrimp. Snap these pieces off by hand or cut them using a knife.
Step 3
Press the tail end of the frozen shrimp against the point of the hook. Press down as you thread the hook through the tail end, toward the head end.
Step 4
Drag the eyelet of the hook---which is located at the end of a fishing hook---forward until it becomes embedded in the flipper. The hook will exit near the headless end of the shrimp. Adhere to the natural bend of the shrimp when setting the hook.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the frozen shrimp out of the sun's heat or spoiling can occur.

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