Safety Harness Testing

Safety Harness Testing
Knowing for sure that your safety harness is in good working order is necessary to create the best safety conditions. Climbing enthusiasts can check the equipment for damage using a safety harness inspection checklist. For a comprehensive inspection, users check the parts of the safety harness, not just the fit.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Test the webbing on your safety harness for frayed edges, broken stitches as well as general wear and tear. Bend the webbing into an inverted "U" shape to test for buoyancy and check for fiber damage. Replace the webbing if damage exists.
Step 2
Inspect the buckles for cracks and other surface damage. Worn or sharp edges on a buckle can cause damage to webbing including tearing and snagging during use. Test by hand and inspect the overall condition of each buckle and the slot through which webbing passes to enter and exit the buckles.
Step 3
Check the grommets for signs of damage. Because the grommets support the legs and control the fit of the harness straps, inspect for warping, cracks and general wear and tear.
Step 4
Test the D-ring, which is located on the front and back of the safety harness and is used to pull the climbing rope through the carabiner to increase slack. Inspect the D-ring for warping, chipping and general structural damage.
Step 5
Evaluate the tongue buckle, which supports the leg harness. Run your hand along the tongue to check for smoothness. Sharp edges are indicative of a damaged tongue. Replace before use.

Tips & Warnings

Never use a safety harness without testing it first.

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