How to Raise Bait Earth Worms

How to Raise Bait Earth WormsIf you're tired of purchasing bait worms every time you head out on the water, harvest your own at home using a few simple tools. The worms will grow and thrive with very little maintenance or attendance from you. Aside from the initial set-up process and weekly feedings, the entire harvesting process is very easy. You can complete the task in just under an hour. Red worms are an ideal fishing worm when fishing for bream, perch, small mouth bass and pan fish such as bream or perch, according to Whole Sale Night Crawlers website. The Southern Bait Worms website agrees; it too says red worms are a good bait choice for fishing.


Difficulty: Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • 18-gallon Do-It-Yourself plastic storage bin with lid
  • Drill and 1/4--inch drill bit or hammer and 1/2-inch nails
  • Manure, coconut fibers or sphagnum moss
  • Newspaper
  • Water bottle
  • Scraps of food
Step 1
Drill air holes in the lid of a 5- to 18-gallon plastic storage tote using a drill and a 1/4--inch drill bit. Space the holes 2 to 3 inches apart. Set the lid aside.
Step 2
Pack 3 to 6 inches of peat moss or coir (coconut fiber) at the bottom of the bin for bedding. Use 100 percent of either bedding option or mix a ratio of 50/50 with paper.
Step 3
Release a pound of red worms into the bin. Place the lid on the bin to allow them to acclimate to the bin.
Step 4
Feed the red worms with leftover food scraps.
Step 5
Add water so the bedding does not dry out. The bedding should be moist but not sopping wet.
Step 6
Harvest the red worms in two to three months.

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