How to Tie an Offshore Double Fishing Line

How to Tie an Offshore Double Fishing Line
The greater the depth and distance you cast your fishing line offshore, the greater your potential for catching a large fish. To handle a big fish, you'll need a doubled-up fishing line, which is strong enough to withstand the bite and pull of a large fish and durable enough maintain its hold under water. The palomar knot is ideal for offshore fishing and moderately easy to tie. Tie an offshore double fishing line each time you go fishing in deep waters.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line
  • Hook
  • Line clippers
Step 1
Bend over the tag end of your fishing line so the first 3 inches of your fishing line doubles-over to form two lines. Keep the lines from crossing over as you form a loop, which should have a diameter of about 6 inches.
Step 2
Thread the loop through the eyelet of the hook. Press the apex of the loop down, if necessary, to ease the loop through. When the loop passes through the eyelet of the hook, bring it back over and under the loop to tie an overhand knot. This will create a second loop on which the hook will hang.
Step 3
Pass the first loop over the hook and pull the hook through the opening of the loop. Be careful not to cross or tangle your lines. There will be slack in the line that will allow you to pull the loop over the hook.
Step 4
Close the knot. The loop is securely in place over the hook and secured with the overhand knot, which will lock it in place. Cut excess line using line clippers.

Tips & Warnings

If you do not have line clippers, you can also bite the line.
Be careful handling a hook, as it can cause minor cuts.

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