How to Hang Up a 20-Liter Camp Shower Bag

How to Hang Up a 20-Liter Camp Shower Bag
A camp shower bag, which harnesses solar power, can heat 20 liters, or 4.4 gallons, of water or more. The bag features a hose valve, or showerhead, designed to slowly release water when in use. It also features a side solar panel that uses heat to warm up water. Using a camp shower bag saves gas and eliminates water waste, making it an environmentally friendly camping product.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Water pump or hose
  • Clean water
  • Tarp
  • Rope
  • Shower tent
Step 1
Fill the camp shower bag with water. Lay the bag in direct sunlight with the black side facing the sun. Choose a flat surface on which to lay the bag so it has full exposure to the sun's heat.
Step 2
Wait at least three hours for the heat from the sun to warm the water inside the shower bag; however, you can also leave the bag out in the sun all day.
Step 3
Hang the shower via its top cord, handle or hanger from a sturdy tree outdoors or a standing post indoors or on a yacht or trailer. Face the hose valve downward when using it as a shower.
Step 4
Pitch a tarp around the shower bag to optionally ensure privacy. Drape the tarp over a rope and string both ends of the tarp onto two sturdy posts. Repeat on both sides, if necessary. You can also use a shower tent.
Step 5
Twist the hose valve open to release water, which will run via gravity out of the shower bag.

Tips & Warnings

Solar showers can heat water approximately 30 degrees in as little as three hours with direct sunlight.
Be careful when lifting a camp shower bag that is filled to capacity with water.

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