How to Attach Backing to a Fly Line

How to Attach Backing to a Fly Line
Predatory fish with a big bite and large jaw size can wreak havoc on your fly line, needling it down to the backing in some cases. To remedy the problem, attach fly line to the backing line on your fly reel using a constriction knot, which is strong enough to securely attach both lines, while remaining small enough to pass through the eyelets on your fly reel.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Backing and fly lines
  • Clipper
Step 1
Remove any tangles from the fly line and pull it straight. Release 2 feet of backing line from the fly reel. You won't need the entire 2 feet of backing line to tie the constriction knot, but the allowance will make the tying process easier to complete.
Step 2
Overlap 4 inches of fly line with 4 inches of backing line. Position the tip of each line so they are not head on.
Step 3
Pass the backing line into a 1-inch loop next to the tag end of the fly line. Bring the backing line back around the fly line. Wrap the tag end of the backing line repeatedly around the fly line, about six times for a strong hold. Maintain each wrap inside the loop and include any backing line that is near the fly line.
Step 4
Close the constriction knot by pulling each end snugly.
Step 5
Cut excess line using a line clipper.

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