Instructions for a Baitcast Reel

Instructions for a Baitcast Reel
Baitcast fishing reels are used primarily as distance reels. With the capacity to cast up to twice the distance of a spincast reel, a baitcast fishing reel is an ideal choice for bank and shoreline fishing where it can be difficult to reach great depths. Operating a baitcast reel requires a strong grip and a clear idea of how far and wide you wish to cast your line.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Hold the grip handle of your baitcast reel. Press your thumb down on the spool and your index finger just below the gearing, which will give you control over the spool and allow you to determine how much fishing line is released. Positioning your thumb over the spool will also allow you to easily press the activation button, which is the mechanism used to engage the spool.
Step 2
Fine-tune the breaking system if you are using a crappie baitcast reel. Locate the knob on either side of your bait cast reel. Increase the breaking to minimize your casting distance.
Step 3
Engage the activation button by pressing it down completely. This will engage your spool, so you can cast your fishing line.
Step 4
Cast your fishing line out into the water. Switch the spinning hand into an upward and slightly angled position. Swing your rod back over your shoulder, but keep the reel at a 90-degree angle with the ground. Thrust your wrist forward sending your fishing reel in front of your body and your fishing line out into the water.

Tips & Warnings

Always look around you before casting your bait cast reel to prevent accidentally snagging a bystander with your hook.

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