How Can I Clean the Level Sensors in My RV Holding Tank?

How Can I Clean the Level Sensors in My RV Holding Tank?
It is necessary to clean the tank sensors on your holding tanks on a regular basis to remove buildup. Using just a few tools, you can clean your holding tank sensors, which signal when it is time to flush your gray water and black water holding tanks. If gunk is allowed to build up inside your holding tanks, your sensors may start to give inaccurate readings over time. To prevent this from happening, clean your tank sensors annually.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Drain the contents from the gray and black water holding tanks. Turn off the gray and black water valves. Unscrew the drain-outlet cap on each tank. Starting with the gray water holding tank, clamp a sewer hose to the adapter that fastens to the tank's drain outlet. Run the opposite end of the hose to a waste dump. Repeat for the black water holding tank. Refit each holding tank with its original drain-outlet cap when done.
Step 2
Fill both tanks with water. Each tank should reach the 1/3-mark, which you can measure by looking at the sensor levels.
Step 3
Pour 1/2 cup of dish-washing detergent into the toilet and another 1/2 cup of dish washing detergent into the kitchen sink. Chase each 1/2 cup of dish-washing detergent with a gallon of water. You must flush the detergent down the toilet and kitchen sink, so the cleaning action produced from the sudsing thoroughly cleans the tank sensors.
Step 4
Wait about 60 minutes or the time it takes to drive to your destination. Drain both tanks as you did in step 1.

Tips & Warnings

Wear gloves when emptying your holding tanks.
Always consult an RV mechanic before cleaning the level sensors in your RV holding tank.

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