How to Fish With Stink Bait for Catfish

How to Fish With Stink Bait for CatfishStink bait consists of a dough-like mixture with a strong and often unpleasant odor. This fragrant bait appeals to catfish, who use their sense of smell and taste to locate food along the bottom of rivers and lakes. Whether you purchase stink bait or mix up your own batch from an old family recipe involving cheese or chicken livers or sardines, the trick to using the bait lies in properly attaching it to your hook and casting it so that it is easily found by bottom-feeding catfish.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Treble hook
Step 1
Chill the catfish stink bait in your refrigerator overnight before you go fishing to thicken it and make it easier to attach to your hook.
Step 2
Attach a treble hook to your fishing line. Push the hook into your container of stink bait and scoop up a chunk of the bait. Or form some of the stink bait into a small ball and press it onto the hooks.
Step 3
Cast your line and allow the stink bait to sink down to the bottom of the river or lake.
Step 4
Reel your hook in occasionally to make sure that your bait hasn't washed away or come loose from the hook.

Tips & Warnings

Thicken your stink bait with the fluff from cattails if it becomes too watery to attach to your hook.

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